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Sports Guards

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A study by Johns Hopkins University estimates that about 30 million children in America participate in some type of contact sport. If your child is one of these 30 million, you want to make sure they have all the gear they need to protect themselves, including their mouth. That list of equipment should include a sports guard, which you can receive from your local Maryville dentist, Dr. Ben Sentell, at Cedar Street Family Dentistry.

The risk of dental injuries during sports

Most contact sports require great physical activity and the potential of rough contact, whether it comes from a collision with another athlete or another piece of equipment—such as a thrown baseball or a hockey stick. Given that most contact sports also are played at a significant rate of speed, it is no surprise that recent research by the National Youth Sports Foundation for the Prevention of Athletic Injuries determined that a dental injury is the most prevalent type of facial injury that was sustained among young people who participate in a contact sport.

Dental injuries sustained in sports also, typically, are serious in nature. One of the most common types of dental sports injuries is tooth avulsion, which is known as any situation that causes a tooth to be knocked out of its socket. Complete tooth loss is a common consequence of a dental sports injury.

Other potential orofacial issues that may occur include the following:

  • Teeth that are chipped or broken
  • Damage to existing dental work, such as fillings, crowns, and bridges
  • Damage to the root of the tooth or interior soft tissue such as the nerve and blood supply
  • Injuries to the lips, cheeks, and/or tongue
  • Jaw injuries, including fracture or dislocation

Often, a dental sports injury entails a visit to an emergency dentist, which is expensive and is likely to lead to a significant amount of discomfort while waiting on the injury to be treated, in addition to lost time at school and/or work.

The custom difference

When worn while playing a contact sport, a customized sports guard protects your teeth, as well as your lips, tongue, and the other soft tissues of your mouth. The sports guard essentially absorbs the impact while protecting your teeth, should you get hit in the head or face while playing sports.

You probably have seen a variety of mouthpieces available for purchase over the counter. At Cedar Street Family Dentistry, our sports guards are a cut above any that you will find in a store. Our professional-grade sports guards are made of top-quality materials, making them more durable. We also customize each of our professional sports guards from impressions that are taken of the mouth, guaranteeing a snug and comfortable fit and ensuring maximum protection in whatever sport you or your child chooses.

If any mouth guard for sports begins to show signs of damage, it should be replaced immediately. Children and teenagers participating in sports also may need new mouth guards as their mouths grow.

You can extend the life of your sports guard by following these tips:

  • Clean your guard on a regular basis—including before and after each use—in cool, soapy water, and rinse it well
  • Make sure to keep your sports guard clean and dry between uses
  • Store your sports guard in a sturdy, vented container
  • Never leave your guard in the sun or hot water
  • Keep it out of the reach of your pets
  • Never share your sports guard with another individual

Custom Sports Guards in Maryville

Make sure your sports guard is a vital piece of equipment for any individual in your family participating in a contact sport. To obtain a professional grade sports guard, call the Maryville office of Cedar Street Family Dentistry at (865) 233-7640 to schedule a consultation.

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