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Did you know what the most widespread chronic disease is affecting children in America today? The answer is tooth decay. Studies show that approximately four out of every five youth in the United States have developed cavities or tooth decay by the time they turn 17 years old.

Give your children all the protection you can, by letting your local Maryville dentist at Cedar Street Family Dentistry place sealants on their teeth to help protect them against the risks of tooth decay.

What are sealants and how do they work?

A dental sealant serves as a protective barrier for back teeth. Made of a safe, non-toxic plastic coating, a sealant is applied to the entire chewing surfaces of teeth by a member of our compassionate and professional staff. Once applied a sealant bonds into the grooves on chewing surfaces, providing an additional layer of defense against the accumulation of both bacteria and plaque, which are the initial building blocks of cavities and tooth decay.

Are sealants right for my child?

Sealants can be beneficial for any child to help protect them against the threat of tooth decay. That being said, sealants are especially ideal for children who have problems maintaining a high level of oral hygiene or have teeth that have difficulty keeping clean because they are hard to reach with their toothbrush. These “problem” teeth tend to be molars and bicuspids, which are located at the back of the mouth. Newly erupted permanent molars usually have deep grooves that are difficult to clean and therefore are most prone to developing cavities.

As a general policy, Cedar Street Family Dentistry does not apply sealants to baby teeth, although each patient is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A sealant can be applied to any permanent teeth that erupt from the gum line.

How long does a sealant treatment last?

The treatment needs of each patient vary but, on average, the effectiveness of a sealant lasts between three and five years. There have been documented cases, however, where a patient received a sealant as a child that remained effective all the way until adulthood.

To extend the effective lifespan of a sealant treatment, you should encourage your child to maintain a diligent regimen of oral hygiene, which should include brushing their teeth twice each day and flossing on a daily basis. Also, visiting the dentist once every six months for a professional cleaning and a thorough examination of their teeth and mouth by Maryville dentist, Dr. Ben Sentell. Parents also should discourage their children from eating chewy candies such as caramels, taffy, and the like.

Sealants in Maryville

Taking steps now to safeguard the teeth of your children can set them up for a lifetime of good oral health. To learn more about sealants or any of the other preventive care measures available at Cedar Street Family Dentistry, call our office at (865) 233-7640 to schedule a consultation.

Cedar Street Family Dentistry is proud to serve the oral health needs of clients in the areas of Maryville, Alcoa, and Knoxville in East Tennessee.