protect kids smile this summer

protect kids smile this summerMaryville, Alcoa and Knoxville TN

Kids will be kids. You can warn them about the importance of many things, but without your guidance, they are bound to be self-destructive to some degree. We know you love your children, and that’s why at Cedar Street Family Dentistry, we want you to understand what dangers lurk around every corner this summer that can threaten your children’s dental health. Dr. Ben Sentell has years of experience in helping parents keep their children’s teeth safe and healthy.

Here are some tips to help you do just that this summer:

Activities: Lots of kids play summer sports. Even more, children play sports in their neighborhoods and communities during the summer when their friends are out of school. No matter what kind of sport your child chooses to do, just make sure a mouth guard is worn during the game. Dental injuries are most common for children and teenagers. According to the National Youth Sports Foundation for the Prevention of Athletic Injuries, the most common facial injury a child receives is a dental injury. Dental injuries received in sports are usually pretty serious. Most times these injuries result in what’s known as dental avulsion, which occurs when a tooth is knocked out of the socket. That’s a pricey emergency dental visit that may have been avoided with the use of a sports guard. These guards will protect your children’s teeth, and can even help prevent concussion damage (to an extent) during contact sports. Not all mouthguards are made the same. Cedar Street Family Dentistry can provide a customized mouth guard made from an impression of your child’s teeth, using higher-quality of material than what is used in store-bought guards. Our sports guards will be more secure and comfortable while providing the best quality of protection for an active child. There’s no guarantee that every dental injury will cause a lost tooth, but if you can prevent that kind of pain and expense, shouldn’t you?

Drinks: While your child is running around outside during this hot Maryville summer, they probably have a sports drink in hand. We see commercials, sports teams, billboards, and vending machines shoveling these high-sugar drinks down our children’s throats. That doesn’t mean it’s good for them. In fact, it’s quite bad for their oral health. The sugars used in sports drinks will stick to your child’s teeth. The acids in them will break down tooth enamel. These drinks often stain teeth and cause increased tooth sensitivity. We see it all the time at Cedar Street Family Dentistry. That’s why we know you should limit the number of “thirst-quenching” sports drinks your child drinks this summer. At Cedar Street Family Dentistry, we also understand that sports drinks have their place on the field. That’s why Dr. Ben Sentell can offer fluoride treatments that will keep your child’s teeth healthy. These products can strengthen enamel and remineralize the small imperfections that form on teeth. On top of slowing down on the sports drinks and using our recommended treatments, we also suggest drinking more water. Water cools muscles, neutralizes the production of acid, limits the build-up of food particles, and hydrates joints. That can help prevent your child from suffering from tooth decay, cavities, sensitivity, and discoloration.

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