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Do you have multiple lost teeth? If so, the way you live your life has changed. Eating and chewing are more difficult. If your missing teeth were located in highly visible areas of the mouth, you are less likely to smile and feel more self-conscious. Over time, living with lost teeth increases the likelihood you develop other oral health issues. Additional tooth loss and the deterioration of supporting bone structure are likely consequences, while your risk factor increases for gum disease, and bite misalignment.

The good news is that you do not have to live this way. Restore your smile, your lifestyle, and your self-esteem by receiving a partial denture from the Knoxville area restorative dentist at Cedar Street Family Dentistry.

What is a partial denture?

A partial denture is a removable, prosthetic tooth replacement. The denture is taken out of the mouth when it needs to be cleaned, and also should be removed before going to sleep, which gives your gum tissue and jawbone a chance to rest. A partial is used for patients who need to replace a few teeth that are in the same dental arch.

Once placed in the mouth, a partial denture restores your ability to eat and chew normally. Your smile no longer has any gaps.

Types of partial dentures

Cedar Street Family Dentistry offers three different types of partial dentures. All three of our different types of partial dentures feature prosthetic teeth that are matched in shape and color to look like your other existing natural, healthy teeth.

  • Cast metal: Metal clasps secure this partial denture into place. This type of partial denture includes a metal framework that covers an acrylic base, with the prosthetic teeth bonded to it. The color of the acrylic base is adjusted to match your gum line. Cast metal partial dentures are known for being stronger, less bulky, and usually fitting better than other types of partials.
  • Flexible: Arguably the most comfortable type of partial denture on the market, a flexible partial has several advantages. A flexible partial denture clings to the gums without the use of denture adhesive or metal clasps. The clear material of a flexible partial allows your natural gums to show through even when the partial denture is worn. Flexible partial dentures also take less time to be manufactured than other types of partial dentures.
  • Acrylic: This type of partial denture consists of an acrylic base, with the replacement teeth attached via small metal clasps. This is the most affordable type of partial denture on the market today, and also takes the least amount of time to fabricate, but it also may feel somewhat bulky when worn. The base of an acrylic partial denture also is hard, meaning that it might shatter if dropped.

Cedar Street Family Dentistry also offers full dentures, and implant supported dentures. If you would like to learn more about partial dentures or any of the other tooth replacement options we offer, contact our Maryville office today by calling (865) 233-7640 to schedule a consultation.

Cedar Street Family Dentistry is now open and offering comprehensive oral health care to patients in the areas of Maryville, Alcoa, and Knoxville in East Tennessee.