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Experiencing some stress is inevitable, and as daily life in our society seems to get more and more hectic, then it’s no surprise that stress levels also appear to be increasing. Stress, or failing to manage it, is a considerable health risk. Stress can diminish your appetite or make it difficult to sleep. Stress can elevate blood pressure and sap your physical and mental energy. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 110 million Americans die each year as a direct result of stress. Your Knoxville dentist Dr. Ben Sentell wants to explain how high levels of stress also can hurt your oral health.

Stress is considered a reason behind people clenching and grinding their teeth

Clinically referred to as bruxism, this behavior refers to any time someone grinds or clenches their teeth. According to data compiled by the American Sleep Association, bruxism affects as many as 10% of American adults and 15% of children in the United States. Most people who grind their teeth do it unconsciously, in their sleep. Failing to obtain treatment for bruxism can have devastating consequences on your oral health. Grinding your teeth exerts a significant amount of additional pressure on your teeth and jaw joints, potentially throwing your bite out of alignment, causing jaw problems including temporomandibular joint disorder, or even wearing down all the teeth in your mouth to nubs.

Tooth or jaw pain is the major warning sign of bruxism, especially if these pains develop for no apparent reason or “migrate” to different locations in the mouth. Cedar Street Family Dentistry can treat your bruxism, but we also would like to recommend some coping mechanisms you can use to lower your stress level. Lifestyle changes like making sure you get at least seven hours of sleep a night, adding regular exercise to your daily routine, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, and spending more time with family and friends all can do wonders in reducing your overall stress levels. You also may benefit from seeking the care of a professional therapist, who can help you identify and work through whatever is causing your stress.

Treating bruxism in Knoxville

If you or someone you love is experiencing bruxism, Dr. Sentell can provide protection. Cedar Street Family Dentistry offers custom mouthguards, each of which is made of the specific impressions of your teeth and mouth to make for a snug, secure, comfortable fit. Also, our mouthguards are made with materials of a higher quality than mouthpieces that are for sale in stores. When worn, our mouth guards protect your teeth and mouth from sustaining any additional damage from bruxism, while putting into practice some of the lifestyle and behavioral changes mentioned above hopefully will curtail the actual behavior from continuing.

Take steps to lower your stress level, and protect your oral health from the potential damage of bruxism. Schedule a consultation to be fitted for one of our custom mouthguards today by calling (865) 233-7640.

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