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At Cedar Street Family Dentistry, the word family is part of our practice name for a reason. We want all patients that come to our office to feel apart of our family, and we genuinely care for each one of our patients, which is why we value your oral health. We strive to offer the best care around and make sure of that by taking part in continuing education throughout the year, and by educating our patients on the importance of oral hygiene. Dr. Ben Sentell, a Maryville family dentist, wants to share five oral health tips that will keep your mouth healthy, and looking fabulous.

  1. Dental cleanings are necessary

A lot of people think that dental cleanings are a gimmick, and they only see their dentist when they have pain, or there is a noticeable problem. We are here to tell you that routine dental cleanings are not a gimmick. In fact, they are far from it! Dental cleanings and exams are preventive efforts to keep serious oral health problems from developing. And, if we notice something starting, like a small cavity, or the beginnings of gum disease, we can address it right away instead of waiting until it is much worse. If you have dental insurance, then you’re pretty much already paying for your twice-yearly exams. Most dental insurance plans are beneficial if for anything else but to cover your preventive dental care. But, contact our office to find out what your plan covers. Don’t have insurance? Then, paying out of pocket for those recommended appointments will cost you way less than having to shell out hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to repair extensively damaged teeth or replace a tooth after it has been pulled.

  1. Don’t ignore pain in your mouth

Pain is a sign of something that has gone wrong. While everyone’s pain tolerance varies, you shouldn’t ignore pain in your mouth. Tooth or jaw pain or other forms of mouth pain could be caused by something more serious, like a cavity, damaged tooth, gum disease, or even oral cancer. It is important not to ignore persistent mouth pain. While over-the-counter pain relievers may help your pain subside for a while, you shouldn’t rely on pain relievers of any kind to mask your mouth pain.

  1. Gums need attention, too

When it comes to oral hygiene, a lot of people know the benefits of brushing their teeth, but they may not realize their gums need attention, too. Flossing is the best way to maintain gum health. String floss removes bacteria and tartar buildup from between your teeth, and along the gum line. It is imperative to floss daily, or you might be at an increased risk of developing gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. Furthermore, part of maintaining your gum health is to get your twice-yearly cleanings and checkups at the dentist.

  1. What to do if you can’t brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is ideal, but what about between meals or after lunch? If you aren’t able to brush your teeth during your lunch break, at least rinse out your mouth with water in an effort to remove any residual food particles or bacteria that can cause cavities. Or, you could pop a piece of sugar-free gum in your mouth. The main ingredient of sugar-free gum is Xylitol, which has been shown to reduce the risk of cavities. But, neither of these suggestions should replace brushing your teeth twice a day.

  1. Everyone needs routine dental care

Routine dental care is for everyone – from infants to the elderly. Even babies should have their gums wiped clean after each feeding by using a soft, damp cloth. As baby teeth emerge, use an age-appropriate toothbrush to clean their teeth. Starting this routine early on helps a child develop a life-long commitment to good oral health. Routine dental exams are recommended for everyone beginning at the age of one, or around the time a child’s first tooth erupts. They should continue throughout life.

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Oral care is essential for everyone. At Cedar Street Family Dentistry, we welcome patients of all ages. To learn more ways to protect your oral health, or to schedule an appointment, just call our office at (865) 233-7640. We provide oral health care to the areas of Alcoa, Knoxville, and Maryville.