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Nutrition Counseling

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You probably have heard the expression that “you are what you eat,” which is why local Maryville dentist at Cedar Street Family Dentistry offers nutrition counseling to patients.

The purpose of nutrition counseling

What you eat can affect your oral health. This goes far beyond just the common knowledge that eating too much sugar can increase your risk of tooth decay. Eating a highly acidic diet, for example, can wear away at the enamel on your teeth—which deteriorates one of your body’s natural defenses against cavities and wear and tear on dental enamel.

At Cedar Street Family Dentistry, we can provide expert advice about the effects of nutrition on your teeth and gums, as well as how nutrition might minimize your risk of tooth decay. However, our counseling is only as good as the information we receive from our patients. It is important that you communicate your current diet and eating patterns openly and honestly, allowing us to have as much data as possible to comprise a plan to help protect your teeth through nutrition.

How does nutrition counseling work?

In most cases, counseling begins by having the patient keep a food diary for a limited period of time—usually between three and seven days. Other more informal counseling may consist of providing educational materials in the form of visual aids and brochures, or simply asking you to recall everything you have eaten in the previous 24 hours.

Nutritional analysis helps provide a more comprehensive picture of the oral and overall health of each patient, providing our staff with additional information that allows us to comprise the most effective nutrition plan. If you have an underlying medical condition in addition to oral health issues, we may need to refer you to a registered dietitian.

Is nutrition counseling right for me?

Your local Alcoa dentist recommends nutrition counseling for any pregnant women. This is because the systemic effects of what we eat has the greatest impact upon teeth as they are forming while in the womb—meaning eating the proper quantities of proteins and vitamins, as well as key minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. Nutrition counseling is good for baby!

Pregnant women also are at an increased risk of developing gum disease, an infection of the tissue of the gums that eventually can cause tooth loss and bone loss.

This nutrition counseling also can apply to breastfeeding, which helps fulfill nutritional needs for the infant and encourages proper orofacial development. Nutritional counseling also can be a boon as parents begin transitioning their children to solid foods, helping to make the best choices possible to maintain a high level of good oral health. Healthy eating from an early age decreases the likelihood of premature loss of baby teeth, as well as tooth decay in adolescence.

Nutrition counseling is for everyone, however. Health foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are a necessary part of maintaining good oral health. Certain vitamin deficiencies can even show up in your mouth. If you are looking to take that next step in maintaining good oral and overall health, nutritional counseling in Knoxville might be for you.

Counseling of this sort from an experienced and trained medical professional can be expensive, but the long-term benefits of nutrition counseling make it worthwhile. Possessing this knowledge should reduce your risk of oral health problems affected by diet, also helping you avoid extensive, costly dental treatments in the future.

Nutrition Counseling in Maryville

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