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Nitrous Oxide

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At Cedar Street Family Dentistry, we are committed to providing the highest level of care for our patients while trying to keep every individual who seeks our care as comfortable as possible. As part of this goal, we offer sedation dentistry through the use of nitrous oxide.

What is nitrous oxide and how is it used?

Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a chemical compound that has been used in the medical field for several decades to help calm patients. At Cedar Street Family Dentistry, we apply nitrous oxide via a mask that is worn comfortably over the nose. Mixed with oxygen, the nitrous oxide is administered and, when inhaled, creates a calm, soothing effect.

If you are given nitrous oxide you will not go to sleep. Instead, the effects of nitrous oxide include a general feeling of being relaxed, while easing any fear or anxiety, diminishing how aware you are of your surroundings, and increasing your overall comfort level. Keep in mind, however, that you are able to communicate with your dental care team.

Nitrous oxide is never intended to be a replacement for the use of an anesthetic. The gas does not produce any numbing effect. An anesthetic will be administered in combination with nitrous oxide to make sure you feel no discomfort during a dental procedure.

Is nitrous oxide right for me?

In the field of dentistry, nitrous oxide is used on patients who may be undergoing especially intensive or lengthy dental procedures.

Nitrous oxide also can help with patients who have dental anxiety or dental phobia, two conditions that relate to individuals who feel a high level of nervousness about going to the dentist—causing feelings of high anxiety and even outright terror.

Often, people who suffer from dental anxiety and dental phobia avoid going to the dentist, thus making it even more important that they seek professional oral care due to degradations in their own oral health. A recent study estimates that 9 to 15 percent of Americans refrain from seeing their dentist because of anxiety and/or fear. That represents 30 to 40 million people. There is no need to avoid the dentist entirely when you can experience a relaxation treatment by way of nitrous oxide in Knoxville.

Nitrous oxide can make dental procedures easier for patients with certain other pre-existing conditions, such as:

  • Jaw discomfort
  • Problems controlling muscles for extended periods of time
  • Heightened gag reflex
  • Receiving multiple intensive, lengthy procedures

What to expect afterward

After the procedure is complete, the flow of nitrous oxide is cut off and replaced with pure oxygen, quickly alleviating any of the effects you may feel stemming from the use of the gas. The effects wear off rather quickly, which mean that you can drive yourself home or back to work after your appointment.

Who should not use nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide should never be used on any patient who is pregnant. The gas can be administered to children, but younger patients may feel nausea as a side effect during or after the procedure. If you schedule a procedure at Cedar Street Family Dentistry for your child that will involve the use of nitrous oxide, your local Knoxville dentist recommends they have minimal food on their stomach prior to the appointment.

Nitrous Oxide in Maryville

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