talk to teens about juuling

talk to teens about juulingMaryville, Alcoa and Knoxville TN

Juuling, or vaping, is all the craze today. Originally designed for adults to use as a method of tobacco cessation, juuling is taking a stronghold among teens, and users are younger than you might think. Teens as young as the age of 13 have been reported as vapers. Our society has done a pretty good job of making cigarettes taboo among the younger generations, which is a good thing. But, juuling has taken hold of teens across the country, and it’s becoming an epidemic. Currently, about 3.6 million teens in America vape. Could your teen be one of them? Even if your teen isn’t vaping, they know about it because the marketing of this product has hit social media hard.

If you tune in to the news, you will see headlines uncovering the dangerous truths behind juuling. What is a parent to do? The design of these devices can make them nearly unnoticeable. Some are as small as a USB drive or may look like a small portable charger for a smartphone. There is a good chance that your teen may even juul when you are around, and you might not even know it.

Dr. Ben Sentell, a family dentist serving Alcoa, Maryville, and Knoxville, wants to share some tips on how to talk to your teen about juuling.

Juuling devices are designed to heat up a liquid form of nicotine, and then the vapor is inhaled, delivering as much nicotine to the blood as what is found in a combustible cigarette. This “vaping juice,” as it is called, has lead to 215 cases of severe lung diseases across the country that are associated with the use of the product. E-cigarettes, as it is commonly referred to, are still relatively new to the market, and there are still a lot of unknown health dangers yet to be uncovered. It could take many more years before we fully understand just how dangerous e-cigarettes and vaping really is.

Here are some helpful tips for talking to your teen about juuling:

  • Get credible information that can be found at
  • Start the conversation at the right time, like when you see an advertisement for it or see someone vaping. You don’t have to finish the conversation all at once. It may take place over time.
  • Be patient and ready to listen and avoid criticism. The point is to have a conversation about the topic, not criticize your teen or make them feel lectured.
  • Answer their questions using true information. There is a lot of stuff floating around on the Internet, and it can be hard to know what to believe. Check out the Surgeon General’s advice on how to answer your teen’s questions.
  • Keep the conversation going. You may want to share with them interesting or factual information related to vaping or juuling.
  • Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family’s doctor, your child’s pediatrician, or even other trusted friends and adults. Sometimes, teens are more likely to take advice from someone, anyone, other than their own parent.

We hope that this information is helpful for parents of teens. Even if you are certain that your child is not juuling, it is important to talk about it anyways as your teen likely has seen people vaping, or knows someone that does. If you would like to learn more about the dangers of vaping, or how to talk to your teen, just contact Cedar Street Family Dentistry by calling (865) 233-7640. We provide complete oral care to patients of all ages in Alcoa, Knoxville, and Maryville.