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It’s time for some fooooootballll! Any Super bowl party is all about football and food. Whether you are joining up with friends or hosting a Super bowl party at your place, we have got some tooth-friendly snacks to keep your guests happy, and your party going until that winning touchdown is made. Maybe you will consider trading in that pizza, chips, soda, and a tray of brownies, for these healthier, tooth-friendly options.

Cheese Plate

Cheese actually helps improve your oral health. It naturally fights bad breath by stimulating the salivary glands, which in turn helps to rinse out food debris from your mouth. Plus, it helps fight cavities. Any cheese will do. You can select any combination of cheeses, or simply choose precut varieties from the store. Serve alongside some fresh veggies and some crackers. You can even arrange everything on the serving platter in the shape of a football.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is not only healthy for your waistline but your mouth, too. Although fruit is packed with naturally occurring sugar, it is much healthier for you than baked or packaged sweets such as candies, cookies, and the like. You can even incorporate the football theme by taking a watermelon and carving into the shape of a helmet. Then, fill the inside of the watermelon, we mean helmet, with cut up chunks of fresh fruit such as pineapples, cantaloupe, grapes, and add some strawberries and blueberries. These are just examples of fruits that you can add to your display. Choose whichever are your favorites.

Deviled Eggs

Eggs are packed with protein and help keep you full. Plus, its typical ingredients are tooth-friendly. Despite what you may have read years ago, eggs really are a superfood. Plus, there are many types of deviled egg recipes you can try, you don’t have to stick with the traditional kind. A quick Google search reveals recipes for nearly 100 different types of deviled eggs. You are sure to find a flavor that you like, and one that will be a crowd pleaser.

Spinach Dip

Spinach dip is often made with mayonnaise, onion, garlic, and other flavored spices, mixed with cream cheese. However, you could substitute the cream cheese for a healthier alternative and still get enough calcium that is important for your teeth and bones. Skip the cream cheese and add Greek yogurt instead. It still packs that same pungent, creamy flavor, but without all the extra fat. You can even serve your spinach dip with some celery or carrot sticks for an extra tooth-friendly snack, although crackers would be just fine, too.

Sugar-Free Drinks

You were probably already waiting to catch a good sale at your local grocery store so that you could stock up on some sugary sodas. Resist the urge to serve this acidic, cavity-causing beverage. Instead, opt for some sugar-free carbonated beverages such as Le Croix or another brand of fruit infused beverage that does not come packed with all that sugar and acidity.

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