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For decades, the FDA has deemed mercury fillings safe for dental use. In fact, mercury fillings have been used to repair teeth for more than 100 years. Many adults probably have a “silver” filling or two. If you have read any information on mercury fillings within the last decade, it is likely that you have run across articles on both sides of the debate.

Are mercury fillings safe? The FDA continues to flip-flop its decision, leaving consumers on the fence. A family dentist in Maryville, Dr. Ben Sentell at Cedar Street Family Dentistry, wants to explore the facts about this article with you to help you decide which filling option would be a better choice.

Originally, the FDA stated mercury fillings for dental purposes were essentially safe. Later, the FDA decided, based on research, that mercury fillings were not safe for pregnant women or children. However, in 2009, the FDA changed its stance once again and deemed mercury fillings as safe, declaring “little to no risk.” As of 2010, the FDA has declared mercury fillings as Class II, meaning “higher risk.”

What does this mean for consumers?

The flip-flop in decisions by the FDA can leave any consumer feeling unsettled. Even setting safety aside, mercury fillings are simply not the best, most durable option for repairing a decayed tooth. Silver fillings are known to become loose over time, and eventually crack teeth. When this occurs, it usually leaves the patient in need of a larger filling or often times a dental crown.

Experience the difference

At Cedar Street Family Dentistry, we offer biocompatible material known as composites, which are made of a resin and plastic mixture.

The composite material is natural looking and blends in well with your teeth. The composite material is durable and allows Dr. Ben Sentell of Cedar Street Family Dentistry to preserve more of your natural tooth structure, plus, the material expands and contracts at the same rate as your teeth when subjected to temperature changes in your mouth. In other words, composites are healthier for your teeth and less likely to cause cracking or leaks.

Can I have my old silver fillings replaced?

Yes! At Cedar Street Family Dentistry, we can safely remove any of your old silver dental fillings, and replace them with aesthetic composite fillings. In some instances, a patient may require a larger restoration such as a porcelain inlay or onlay. In cases where an extensive amount of tooth structure is compromised, Dr. Sentell may recommend a porcelain dental crown to cap the entire exterior portion of the tooth. During your consultation, Dr. Sentell will discuss which restorative treatment is best for you.

Are composite fillings right for me?

Although there have been studies that link mercury fillings with many adverse health conditions, it is best to discuss your health with the dentist to determine if your mercury fillings could be causing you adverse health conditions. Cedar Street Family Dentistry is proud to offer safe, yet aesthetic fillings made of composite resin.

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