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You see it on toothpaste labels, mouthwashes, at your dentist’s office, on commercials, and even hear about it in the news. What is it? Fluoride. Most all dentists recommend using toothpaste-containing fluoride. Meanwhile, any number of dental products you see at your local drug, grocery, or superstore also contain fluoride. Cedar Street Family Dentistry wants to show you the benefits of fluoride, and how your Knoxville dentist Dr. Ben Sentell provides high-quality fluoride options you can’t get in a store.

  1. Fluoride Treatments

A fluoride treatment would be topically applied at the Cedar Street Family Dentistry office by one of our oral health professionals. Fluoride treatments are prescriptions strength. Many people have heard of fluoride treatments but don’t know all of the benefits.

  1. Fluoride is natural

As the 13th most abundant mineral on the surface of our planet, fluoride is everywhere. It’s found in rocks, soils, and water. Perhaps you’ve heard that fluoride is added to drinking water, or filtered out of drinking water in some cases. The reason for this is fluoride is found in groundwater but is inconsistent in quantity, meaning some groundwater has way too much fluoride while other areas have no fluoride.

  1. Demineralize vs. Remineralize

Demineralization is what happens when carbohydrates produce acid after being broken down by the bacteria in our mouths. That acid breaks down our tooth enamel and causes decay and cavities. Remineralization is what happens when saliva reintroduces minerals to your teeth, therein strengthening them. Saliva contains calcium and phosphate, which help keep teeth healthy. What does this have to do with fluoride? Fluoride naturally enhances the remineralization process.

  1. Fluoride helps prevent cavities

Because fluoride causes more active remineralizing, it prevents cavities from forming and can even heal small new cavities. A fresh cavity is actually called an incept lesion, and it forms when demineralization outpaces remineralization. This can be prevented and even healed by a professional fluoride treatment in Knoxville, assuming your home dental hygiene regimen is where it should be. That means you could stop cavities in their tracks, which could save you money in the long run and prevent extensive dental work.

  1. The Cost

“Is it worth it?” is something we hear often at Cedar Street Family Dentistry. No matter how much fluoride treatments costs, it cannot outweigh the expenses following more serious dental procedures to repair tooth decay. Fluoride treatments will actually save your money over the course of your life because you won’t be paying to stop tooth decay or have cavities filled. Besides, if you have dental insurance, most plans will cover the cost of a fluoride application for children 18 and under.

  1. Fluoride is for everyone

Many people assume that only children are prone to cavities. That’s simply not true. Anyone can be at high risk for cavities. Children, the elderly, and people with medical conditions are all more likely to need fluoride treatments every three months, but lots of people struggle with oral hygiene. Many patients opt to have fluoride treatments in adulthood because it reduces tooth sensitivity. Cedar Street Family Dentistry uses fluoride treatments to help adults alleviate discomfort they may experience while brushing their teeth at home or while eating.

  1. Fluoride is safe

Each fluoride treatment at Cedar Street Family Dentistry is a prescription dosage of fluoride being applied by a medical professional. Your dentist would not give this treatment if there hadn’t been scientific studies showing its safety and effectiveness. Studies have shown that you can have clinical-strength fluoride treatments every three to six months. There are opponents to fluoride use that would have you believe fluoride causes bone fractures, cancer, and brain toxicity. However, scientific research has shown that fluoridation of water and fluoride treatments are not poisoning your body. These risks usually are only possible, although slightly, if a large quantity of fluoride were ingested, which is not going to happen from using fluoride toothpaste or receiving a fluoride treatment from your dentist.

  1. Fluoride treatments are simple

A professional fluoride treatment is one of the simplest procedures you can have done in a dental office. It can work two ways: either a varnish is applied with a brush or you’ll bite down onto a gel tray. It will sit for 1-2 minutes and you’re done. Either way, a fluoride treatment is pain-free and non-invasive. Cedar Street Family Dentistry also wants to assure patients that fluoride cannot stain teeth or change the appearance of teeth in any way.

Cedar Street Family Dentistry wants you to remember the benefits of professional fluoride treatment. It will save you from more serious dental procedures, save you money over the course of your lifetime, and keep your mouth free of the pain of tooth decay. If you’re located in the areas of Alcoa, Knoxville, and Maryville, TN, contact our office at (865) 233-7640 to schedule a consultation today.