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If you are an adult, you probably have a metal filling or two in your teeth. Amalgam has been used for decades as a means to repair decaying teeth. While its popularity has begun to decline in recent years, it still is in use today among some dental practices. However, dentists operating at the forefront of their field are proud to be considered a metal-free practice. At Cedar Street Family Dentistry, we offer only metal-free or composite fillings.

Here are five reasons to choose metal-free fillings the next time you or your loved one needs a filling:

  1. Tight bond to the tooth

Metal fillings are not bonded to the tooth at all. This is one of the reasons why metal fillings tend to fall out over time or cause the tooth to crack or completely split in two. However, composite fillings are bonded directly to the tooth. This creates a tight seal to keep out bacteria that is responsible for decay and is healthier for the tooth because it is less likely to cause a fracture.

  1. Less chance of tooth sensitivity

Composite fillings are made of a resin material that tends not to cause tooth sensitivity, unlike metal fillings. Metal, by nature, is a conductor of heat and cold. Therefore, metal fillings often cause tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking hot or cold substances. Say goodbye to that zing in your tooth by having a metal-filling replaced with a new composite one.

  1. Mercury-free

Amalgam fillings contain mercury, and although this filling material has been deemed safe by the Federal Drug and Administration to be used in a dental setting, the World Health Organization reports that mercury from dental amalgam, and in medical laboratory and medical devices are responsible for 53% of the total mercury emissions in our environment. Furthermore, the WHO states that mercury exposure, even in small amounts, is not safe for humans.

  1. Blend in seamlessly

Let’s face it, metal fillings are obvious, even if they are in the back of the mouth. If someone has a big smile or laughs with their mouth open, people likely can see any metal fillings in their back teeth. With composite fillings, you never have to worry about anyone noticing because the material is chosen in a shade that matches your natural tooth. Composite fillings blend in seamlessly with your smile.

  1. Eco-friendly and healthier

When metal fillings are installed, there usually is extra material left over that cannot be reused. Therefore, it is thrown away in the trash. Eventually, mercury ends up in landfills and water sources. Plus, if you have any of these fillings in your teeth, each time that you chew the fillings release mercury vapor. Your health risk of mercury exposure in this form is associated with your health condition and how long you have had the fillings. Composite fillings do not come with any of these risks!

Metal-Free Fillings in Maryville

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