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Healthy teeth are key to good nutrition and important to your appearance, but your teeth also can provide insight regarding your personality. Guys, your teeth even can be an indicator of your manliness. General dentist in Maryville, Dr. Ben Sentell, wants to explain three ways that Cedar Street Family Dentistry can help give you a manlier smile.

The shape and position of your teeth can influence how manly your smile looks

Masculine smiles have the following characteristics:

  • Incisors – the large flat teeth at the front of your mouth, are large and square.
  • Central incisors – the two center teeth in your smile that tend to be about the same length as your lateral incisors.
  • Lateral incisors – located closer to the front of the mouth, often appearing right beside central incisors.
  • Canines tend to be larger and sharper.
  • Dental arches and facial structure have a more square-like in shape.

Feminine smiles, meanwhile, have these qualities:

  • Incisors are rounded and more tapered.
  • Central incisors usually are much taller than lateral incisors.
  • Lateral incisors are further back in the mouth and usually positioned at more of an angle.
  • Canines are closer in size to the adjacent teeth, and also more rounded.
  • The facial structure is more rounded.

Three ways that Cedar Street Family Dentistry can make your smile appear manlier

Dental cleanings are recommended for everyone, and that includes men! While men seem to be more resistant to go to the dentist, these appointments help keep your teeth looking cleaner and whiter, helps reduce your risk of cavities and gum disease, and helps keep your breath fresher by removing all of that stuck on plaque that naturally accumulates on your teeth. So, remember to stick to your six-month cleanings and checkups at the dentist. Trust us when we say that your kissing partner will thank you!

Mouth guards can be prescribed to correct bruxism, the clinical term for teeth grinding. Most people who grind their teeth do so when they are asleep and never realize it, but the damage can be severe, leading to significant tooth wear or even grinding down healthy teeth to the nubs! Excessive or uneven tooth wear can make you appear older, unhealthy, and less manly. Tooth wear also may impact the position of your jaw, throwing off the appearance of your jawline and giving you a weaker chin. Dr. Ben Sentell can provide a mouth guard to treat bruxism in Knoxville; each guard is made from specific impressions of your teeth and mouth, guaranteeing a snug, secure fit to protect your teeth against additional damage from grinding.

Crowns can repair seriously damaged teeth, preventing tooth loss and creating a gap that can make your smile look less manly and less attractive. All-porcelain crowns are ideal for visually prominent areas of the mouth. Teeth that need greater chewing force receive crowns that have a metal substructure but are covered with dental porcelain.

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Whether you are looking to protect your smile or improve its appearance so it looks manlier, Cedar Street Family Dentistry can help. Find out more about our services by calling our office at (865) 233-7640 to schedule a consultation.

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