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Forget what you think you know about dentures. Traditional dentures are known to look unnatural, not fit comfortably, and often slip and shift in the mouth. At Cedar Street Family Dentistry, we offer beautiful, custom-made new full dentures.

The difference of custom dentures

Your local Knoxville dentist constructs dentures adhering to the following dimensions and specifics:

  • The alignment of your bite
  • The height and width of your smile
  • The shape of your face
  • The color, texture, and position of any existing teeth, or based on a previous photo of you

What types of dentures does Cedar Street Family Dentistry offer?

Cedar Street Family Dentistry has the following varieties of dentures available for our patients in Maryville, Alcoa, and Knoxville.

Immediate dentures refer to complete or partial dentures that are placed the same day that existing teeth are extracted from the mouth. This type of denture serves as a Band-Aid of sorts, protecting the tissues of the mouth and helping to minimize bleeding. Immediately placing the denture the same day as the extractions means that you never have to go without teeth. However, over the next few weeks, your gums will shrink back to normal size as the bone beneath it heals. This means that your denture will not fit the same, and may need to be remade at a later date.

Conventional dentures are complete dentures that can be placed 8 to 12 weeks after teeth have been removed from the mouth and the gum tissue has healed completely. This is a more economical method of obtaining dentures, although means that you will need to go a few months without any teeth.

Partial dentures are used for patients who need only a few teeth replaced.

Implant-retained dentures refer to dentures that are anchored into the mouth using dental implants, which are inserted surgically into the jawbone. These are more stable and function and feel more like real teeth than any other type of denture system on the market.

To help you decide which denture is right for you, we invite you to have a consultation with us at Cedar Street Family Dentistry where we can assess your overall oral health, and discuss the pros and cons of each type of denture.

What can I expect from a denture procedure at Cedar Street Family Dentistry?

After digital impressions of the mouth are taken, your dentures will be constructed using those impressions as a model. If you are receiving same day dentures, we would already have your new set of teeth ready for you the day that you arrive to have your teeth extracted.

Our digital impressions help guarantee that we produce dentures that fit well and benefit your overall oral health. Custom dentures with an ideal fit place less stress on the muscles of the face and mouth, while also providing greater facial support and preventing the “sunken in” appearance that many denture wearers and individuals with tooth loss experience. In many cases, patients who receive a set of custom dentures or “upgrade” from traditional dentures to custom dentures report that their new replacement teeth look and feel better, while they also appear younger since missing teeth can cause premature aging.

We take our time constructing each set of dentures, taking into account all of the factors mentioned above. Making quality dentures takes time, and leads to some additional expense. However, the total quality and value of our dentures make our dentures a solid long-term investment because your replacement teeth will perform and look much better than economy dentures you can obtain from other dental practices. Our dentures also are less likely to slip and shift or to cause excess irritation to your gums.

Dentures in Maryville

To learn more about custom dentures or any of the other tooth replacement options available at Cedar Street Family Dentistry, make an appointment today by calling our Maryville office at (865) 233-7640.

Cedar Street Family Dentistry is proud to serve clients in the areas of Maryville, Alcoa, and Knoxville in East Tennessee.