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Are you living with missing teeth? Then you probably know the inconvenience of having to change or limit your nutritional choices because of your diminished ability to chew. You also may have lower self-esteem, because you are more hesitant to show your teeth due to the gap in your smile. Individuals who are living with lost permanent teeth also face a risk of other oral health issues, such as having crooked teeth or the development of a case of gum disease. Whether you are missing a single tooth or have several lost teeth, your restorative dentists in Knoxville at Cedar Street Family Dentistry can help.

A dental implant represents the best treatment option possible to replace a lost tooth

Long-term deterioration of supporting bone structure is an inevitable consequence for people who lose a permanent tooth. This may compromise the stability of adjacent teeth. It also creates the “sunken-in” facial appearance that is so common among people who have lost teeth—even those who wear dentures. This deterioration occurs because of the loss of constant stimulation that was previously provided by the tooth root. While tooth replacements such as partial dentures or bridgework replace your missing tooth, they do nothing to provide stimulation to the jawbone. 

An implant replaces this stimulation, and the tooth root, thanks to the implant screw itself. Made of an extremely durable metal like titanium, this implant is installed surgically into the jawbone, where it replaces the tooth root as it fuses to the bone, serving as a foundation for the implant crown. This tooth is a dental crown that often is made of dental porcelain, a beautiful and stain-resistant material that has the same translucent quality as natural tooth enamel.

Replacing a tooth root is just one of the advantages of receiving a dental implant. No other tooth replacement looks and feels more like a natural tooth. Implants, because they are fixed in the mouth, will not shift or slip in the mouth as dentures often do at times, especially when eating or speaking.

If well taken care of, a dental implant will last the rest of your life

Maintaining a dental implant is as easy as brushing and flossing it the same way you would your other natural teeth. It is important to keep up a normal schedule of appointments with your dentist in Knoxville. Each check-up should include an examination of your teeth and mouth to make sure there have been no drastic changes that can be signs of developing problems. Your teeth also will be cleaned thoroughly, completely removing all the cavity-causing plaque and bacteria from your mouth.

What if I have lost multiple teeth that need to be replaced?

 If you are living with significant tooth loss, then it can be too costly—and require too great an investment of time—to have every single tooth replaced by a standard dental implant. After all, receiving an implant is a process that usually takes multiple months, as you will need to heal after the implant screw is installed and fuses to become part of your jawbone. For patients who have experienced substantial tooth loss or have been diagnosed with “hopeless” teeth (meaning teeth that are so seriously damaged they will need to be extracted), then your Knoxville implant dentist at Cedar Street Family Dentistry can install the DIEM system. The DIEM procedure replaces up to an entire dental arch of lost teeth in a single day. Unlike standard dental implants, which require the extended healing process, the DIEM procedure is able to be completed more quickly because it works with the frontal part of the jawbone, which typically has a greater bone density.

Implant dentistry in Knoxville

Not every dentist has the qualifications and background to work with implants. Dr. Ben Sentell at Cedar Street Family Dentistry has the experience and knowledge you desire. The first step in receiving a dental implant is to undergo a consultation and evaluation from Dr. Sentell. To get started with your consultation, please contact the office of Cedar Street Family Dentistry in Maryville today by calling (865) 233-7640.

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