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If you need a dental crown in Maryville, then this procedure likely will take a couple of weeks to complete at most dental offices. In between appointments, there is a good chance you will have a temporary crown placed over the tooth being treated while waiting for the permanent crown to be fabricated. You need to take certain precautions during this time, so Cedar Street Family Dentistry wants to share with you some tips about caring for your temporary crown.

The key word of a temporary crown is “temporary”

The main purpose of a temporary crown is to allow you to continue to eat normally, as well as protect the prepared tooth while awaiting your permanent restoration. A temporary crown usually will be bonded into place with cement, but this cement is not as firm as the adhesives used to place a permanent crown, because your dentist in Maryville, Dr. Sentell, has to be able to remove that temporary restoration once the permanent crown is ready.

While you have a temporary crown in place, you should try to refrain from chewing on that side of the mouth. Also, limit or curtail your consumption of sticky and hard foods that may dislodge the temporary crown or crack it.

Make sure to maintain your normal routine of brushing and flossing, and do not neglect cleaning that tooth with the temporary crown. Just be careful not to pop your floss out when flossing around your temporary crown.

Advice on what to do if you have a problem with your temporary crown

If your temporary restoration pops off your tooth, do not attempt to put it back on your tooth as it will not adhere properly and could cause you to choke. Instead, please contact your dentist in Maryville at Cedar Street Family Dentistry to have it reseated onto your tooth. Never try to go without a temporary crown, as your tooth will be much more sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. Plus, you could end up damaging the tooth.

Don’t neglect your follow-up crown appointment 

Again, remember that a temporary crown is exactly that: temporary. It is not intended to remain in place for more than two or three weeks, so be sure not to miss the appointment where the permanent crown will be installed.

At Cedar Street Family Dentistry, we try to make our crown procedures as convenient as possible. Your dentist in the Alcoa area, Dr. Sentell, can install crowns to repair a severely damaged tooth and save it from extraction. You will have a temporary restoration placed at the initial appointment and should be sure to follow the care tips listed above while waiting on your beautiful permanent crown to be completed.

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