give the gift that keeps giving

give the gift that keeps givingMaryville, Alcoa and Knoxville TN

Christmas always brings about gift giving to family and loved ones. Has your significant other mentioned he or she would like to change or improve their smile? If so, then give the gift that keeps on giving – the gift of a new smile! Many times, people put off doing special things for themselves like getting cosmetic work done, because they are more focused on buying gifts for others, or they simply do not feel like they can spend the money on it even though changing their looks is important.

Your cosmetic dentist in Maryville at Cedar Street Family Dentistry would like you to know that giving the gift of a new smile may just be the perfect Christmas gift for your significant other. Here is how they could utilize a gift certificate for cosmetic dentistry.

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is available in Maryville at Cedar Street Family Dentistry. It can be the perfect gift for your significant other, if he or she wants to brighten up their smile but never seems to want to spend the money on themselves. In as little as one hour, we can whiten teeth shades whiter! It’s the perfect solution for someone wanting brighter, whiter teeth.

Cosmetic Bonding

Has your significant other mentioned that he or she would like to change minor cosmetic flaws in their teeth? Aesthetic issues such as crooked teeth, or teeth that are discolored, chipped, gapped, or misshapen can easily be corrected with cosmetic bonding in Knoxville. Since cosmetic bonding utilizes composite resin instead of porcelain, we do not need to wait for a dental lab to fabricate the restorations. Instead, an expert cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Ben Sentell can complete the procedure typically in one visit to our office.


Looking for something that will really look like perfection and last for the long haul? Porcelain veneers are handcrafted, ultra-thin layers of porcelain that fit directly over the front surface of problem teeth, permanently hiding those unwanted cosmetic flaws. Getting veneers may take a couple of weeks, but it’s well worth the wait, we think.

Oral Care

Maybe your significant other just needs a good dental cleaning, but doesn’t have insurance, nor do they ever seem to have the money to take care of this essential part of their oral health. If that is the case, we offer preventive programs such as dental cleanings and exams to help get anyone back on track for optimal oral health.

Giving the gift of a new smile will be a most thoughtful gift if your special someone has expressed a desire to improve their smile.

If you would like to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry treatments or to schedule in advance for your significant other, please contact Cedar Street Family Dentistry by calling (865) 233-7640.

Cedar Street Family Dentistry wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! We welcome patients of Alcoa, Maryville, and Knoxville.